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Rent to Own Graceland Buildings

Rent to own garages, carports, cabins, sheds, barns, mini storage, and everything in between.

Rent to own buildings: nobody does it better!

Bayou Outdoors is your rent to own Graceland building dealer offering no credit check building rentals for Hammond, Ponchatoula, Baton Rouge, and all south Louisiana customers. Our rent to own program includes free setup & delivery for customers within 50 miles of our Hammond location – a down payment is all you need to get started!

Get a quote or request more info on a rent to own building:

No Credit Required

No credit check - all you need is a down payment to get started

Free Delivery & Setup

Your rent to own building includes free setup & delivery within 50 miles

Hassle-Free Renting

Rent for as long as you like, we'll pick it up when you're done

Portable garage with barn loft, brown


Turn your portable building into temporary or permanent mini storage! Rent to own is the perfect solution for short-term storage needs.

Portable cabin with corner porch


Turn your tiny house plans into a reality. Rent one of our buildings with porches for even more gathering space - the possibilities are endless.

Is the rent to own plan available on all of your buildings?

All of our standard deliverable buildings can be purchased rent-to-own. Special orders may require a cash purchase, although we do accommodate a high degree of custom orders through the addition of many available options on our rent-to-own buildings.

What kind of paperwork or permits will I need?

Requirements pertaining to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants vary among municipalities, please contact your local government agencies to find out what you will need. If you live in a community that is part of a home owners association, be sure to find out what rules and regulations they have concerning storage buildings.

What happens when I'm finished renting my building?

If you decide not to purchase your rent-to-own building, we will come and pick it up from you when you're finished. Short term building rentals for mini storage are common, so we will gladly accommodate your needs.


Graceland Portable Buildings offers both their 36-month rent-to-ownand their 60-month lease-to-own program on any factory-built portable building that they manufacture, from size 8x12 up to size 16x40. There is no credit check and no down payment required. You just pay your first two monthly rental payments on a 36-month contract when you order your building and your first three rental payments on 60-month contract. Your next payment will not be due until 60 or 90 days after the date your building is ordered. You can also buy it for the low cash price at any time.

With every rental payment you make, a percentage of that payment comes off the cash price. You can pay it off at any time without penalty or make the required number of payments and the building is yours. Call us at 985-345-6050 for full details.


We offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on our metal and shingle roofs, a limited lifetime warranty on all treated lumber and a 3-year workmanship warranty on all of our buildings. At any point during the first three years, should you realize any problems in your building related to construction, we'll send a crew to your home or other site to repair it free of charge.